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Technology ahead of its time makes NuCedar last a lifetime

There has never been an offering like NuCedar. Made from nearly indestructible Ex-Cel® cellular PVC, NuCedar products are finely milled using a patented and proprietary process to the highest degree of precision and historical perfection. Whether it’s trim, vertical siding, shingles or clapboard, NuCedar products offer a revolutionary level of durability, a historic level of accuracy and a level of engineered installation that stands alone in the industry.

Unlike wood, Ex-Cel® cellular PVC will never rot, delaminate, absorb moisture, warp, twist, or become infested with termites and other insects. Yet, at the same time, Ex-Cel® cellular PVC shares the highly desirable dimensional properties of western red cedar and other fine woods.

NuCedar Mills uses a patented, breakthrough process for applying a water-based, Acrylic Urethane Enamel made by PPG. This coating is available in 14 traditional siding colors and 16 trim colors. In addition, all NuCedar products are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty on both the material and the coating.

When you look at the cost of ownership of NuCedar products–from initial purchase price through generations of enjoyment–the value of a NuCedar installation actually increases over time. No need for scraping and refinishing, ever and NuCedar is recyclable forever which is perhaps, the ultimate in sustainable building.

Moisture Protection

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NuCedar products perform better against absorption during freeze/thaw cycles then Fiber Cement or Wood, even if the coating is compromised. The impervious attributes allow it to be installed at grade level without deteriorating from exposure to moisture or snow.


The easy to clean coating is mold, mildew and dust resistant, as well as resistant against insect infestation. These attributes, combined with light reflective coatings and baked on enamel, allow us to offer a Limited Lifetime warranty on both the coating and substrate.





Energy & Recyclability

NuCedar is composed of a unique, light colored cellular PVC which reflects, rather than absorbs heat; helping to keep your home cooler in the summer & warmer in the winter.

Our locking seams and unique snap in insert insure you are reducing energy ex-filtration through the exterior wall, because our expansion and contraction is in the corners, and our seams will not open up over time like you see in wood and fiber cement.

Our superior coating is light reflective reducing heat absorption, actually bouncing sunlight back into the atmosphere rather than absorbing it.

NuCedar is 100% recyclable with no VOCs. Unlike fiber cement, which can release carcinogens into the air for your family to breathe. NuCedar is safe and backed by LEED point qualifications for a green build and a better environment for generations to come.

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Lifecycle Savings

NuCedar offers the look and feel of wood without the expense and maintenance of maintaining it. Our products offer an intelligent design solution, addressing several major problems that have plagued homeowners for decades.

NuCedar will not deteriorate over time. It’s tough surface resists chipping, cracking and will not delaminate like fiber cement. and will not need to be repainted. The strong, durable, light reflecting coating is backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty.

When used with our custom Starborn screw application, NuCedar offers a building envelope that is free of caulking, so there is nothing to touch up and nothing to break down over time.

NuCedar does not support mold, mildew or insects and is easy to clean with a garden hose, so it stays looking great with minimal maintenance.

The real savings in both time and money come year-in and year-out over the life of the home.