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Where can I buy NuCedar siding?
We want to be sure that we send you to proper dealer or distributor in your area.  Please contact us here and let us know where you are located and we'll find the best option for you.  You can also contact via phone at 866.393.8883.

Why would someone use cellular PVC as a siding product or trimboard?
NuCedar Mills architectural siding, trim and millwork replicates the look, warmth and charm of cedar, yet it’s maintenance free!

Do I have to paint NuCedar?
No, all NuCedar cladding products comes factory finished in 13 traditional colors and plenty of custom color options through PPG®. See our color options on our Timeless Color Page

Why would anyone paint it if you don’t have to?
Cellular PVC, including EX-Cel® PVC, does not need to be painted and it can be washed or pressure washed with confidence.  It can also be painted in the field per our installation instructions.

But cellular PVC will remain cleaner longer if it is painted, since painting minimizes the static cling that is a natural result of the sheet manufacturing process. While NuCedar uses specially designed deionization technology to reduce static buildup, nothing eliminates the static and maintains the original beauty of the installation better than our factory applied finish.

How do you accommodate the expansion and contraction of your cellular PVC clapboards?
Our Interlocking Matrix System™ features micro-milled tapers on the backside of the clapboards which accommodate each successive clapboard bevel. Z-Clips™ are attached to the top of clapboards allowing the length of the clapboards to expand and contract behind corners and trim. See our installation instructions for more detail.

How is NuCedar clapboard priced compared to brick, fiber cement and vinyl?
Prices vary in each market, but generally speaking:

  • Lower than brick or stucco.
  • Slightly less than Western red cedar; primed with two field coats.
  • Higher than fiber cement and vinyl.

What products do you offer?
The NuCedar product offering includes Classic Clapboard®, NuCedar Shingles, three Vertical Siding styles and a complete line of coordinated trim and accessories. Finish options available are smooth and RoughSawn®. All products are factory finished.

EX-Cel® products consist of a large variety of PVC Trim, Sheet, and Mouldings.  Our EX-Cel® products will come unfinished in our bright white color.

What are the specific color choices for NuCedar products?
NuCedar products are available in 13 traditional colors (15 Trim Colors). Some Custom Colors are an option.  Visit our Timeless Color Page to explore the various color options.

What is your warranty?
NuCedar and EX-Cel offer a 25 year transferable warranty on our substrate (i.e., the cellular PVC). Our warranty states that our product will not crack, rot or delaminate, will not sustain a flame and will resist damage caused by hail or insects. Our factory finished product also carries a 25 Year + Finish Warranty covering cracking, peeling, and chipping. Get more information about our industry leading warranty.


Is NuCedar a green product?
Yes. All sheet stock used to make NuCedar products includes at least 20% pre-consumer recycled material and the end product is 100% recyclable. NuCedar products are factory finished with a water based, solar reflective coating from PPG® that reduces heat transferred from the sun’s rays. As a result, the walls of the home are significantly cooler and energy costs can be reduced from 4-13% dependent on location and wall insulation - even when using darker colors (1). All NuCedar products will last for generations. They will not rot or decay and are resistant to water and insect damage, therefore minimizing maintenance costs.

(1)Source: U.S. Department of Energy

Does NuCedar fulfill LEED and National Green Standard Building certification points?
Certification points are available for each program; please view Building Sustainably with NuCedar (pdf) for clarification.


Are special tools required to work with NuCedar?
No, standard woodworking tools are all that you need.

How do you install NuCedar Classic Clapboard® siding?
NuCedar is very easy and efficient to install. It is lightweight, safe, and requires no special tools. 16' Lengths mean fewer joints and no caulking is necessary. Please refer to our complete installation instructions and see for yourself.

Do I have to butt the joints? Will water get through the gap? Do I have to caulk?
Clapboards are joined by adhering a Universal Bonding Plate (UBP) behind the joint. Please refer to our complete installation instructions for further clarification. Water will not penetrate the gap, therefore there is no need to caulk.

How do you install NuCedar Shingles™?
NuCedar Classic R&R Shingles™ are installed after trim and utilize the same installation techniques as cedar shingles.  Refer to our installation instructions for more details

How do you install NuCedar Vertical Siding, Trimboard, Cornerboard and Sheet?
The preferred method of fastening is to use the Starborn PRO PLUG® hidden screw and color matching plug fastening system available through Jain or exterior grade nails. NuCedar trimboard, corners and sheet are installed as you would any other cellular PVC; i.e., with heavy fastening to minimize board/sheet movement. Just the opposite of our clapboard siding which has been designed to move behind the trimboard and corners. Please refer to our complete installation instructions.

How close to the ground can I install NuCedar siding and trim?
NuCedar siding can be in direct contact with the ground since it has no wicking properties, i.e. it will not absorb water, ever!

What are the “K” and “R” values for NuCedar siding? Do you require a weather-resistant barrier?
NuCedar's K and R values are comparable to cedar. NuCedar’s warranty requires a weather resistant barrier or drainage plain system which complies with the Model Building Codes (UBC, Standard, etc) behind exterior siding.


Will NuCedar rot or flake?
No, Jain Products are made of cellular PVC which will not absorb moisture under any circumstances. Moisture causes wood to rot; fiber cement to flake.

Will NuCedar generate mold or mildew?
No, however any material that is exposed to dust and a damp environment will generate mold or mildew. Jain Products resists moisture and its damaging effects. If mold appears, simply wash it off with a hose. Mold cannot penetrate the surface of cellular PVC.

Will NuCedar fade?
NuCedar’s finish is superior to every coating that we have tested. However like any product exposed to direct sunlight, colors may experience minimal fade over the years. Given enough time, UV light will ultimately damage even the most durable coatings.


Is it necessary to wear a dust mask when cutting Jain products?
NuCedar & EX-Cel cut like wood and produces saw dust that is very similar to pine and cedar saw dust in appearance. Unlike fiber cement, Jain products contains no fiber, cellulose or other ingredients requiring safety masks. Use the same safety precautions with NuCedar and EX-Cel as you would when cutting wood products.

Can this be incinerated safely?
Yes, modern waste facilities are designed to safely incinerate cellular PVC without harm to the environment. However, since cellular PVC is 100% recyclable, the market for cellular PVC saw dust and chips is increasing steadily. Most manufacturers recycle their by-products as a matter of routine today. As the market for cellular PVC building materials continues to develop, contractors and builders will soon find an aftermarket for this waste as well.

Will Jain products hold a flame?
NuCedar products will not hold a flame. Cellular PVC has an oxygen value of 35%. Materials with a value greater than 28% are considered self-extinguishing. Removal of an active flame will stop burning. By comparison, birch and oak carry oxygen values of 21% and 23% respectively.  Jain products meet requirments of Class A Fire Rating.

Will NuCedar Clapboards and Trim meet local building codes?
Yes. In fact, NuCedar meets or exceeds all of the ASTM 3679 requirements for product reliability and safety. ASTM 3679 is the foundation for vinyl siding building codes throughout the United States and Canada. Again, NuCedar meets or exceeds this time-tested standard for siding excellence.