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NC Holyoke070 B copyNucedar Classic Clapboard is the only siding product ever created to give your home the precise replication of beautifully finished cedar. These products are available in two distinct textures, multiple exposures and prefinished in 13 vibrant colors with a 25 year finish warranty.

We know that Color is important, please see your color options in our Timeless Color section.

Clapboard Profile Sizes and Textures:

Offered in 4", 6" and 8" Expsoures, available in Smooth or Roughsawn™ Textures. 

All NuCedar Clapboard material is 16ft long and the maximum run is 40ft before we require an expansion joint to be installed.

Clapboard Colors

Visit our Timeless Color Page for more information.

  • Aleutian-Blue
  • Antique-White
  • Argos1
  • Basket-Beige1
  • Bracing-Blue1
  • Cedar1
  • Coastal-Plain1
  • Intellectual-Gray
  • Quiver-Tan1
  • Super-White1
  • Svelte-Sage
  • Wool-Skein1
  • Worldly-Gray

NuCedar Classic Clapboard & Trim System

NuCedar’s Clapboard Siding is not complete without our Universal Trim System.

Universal Trim & Corners

Universal Trim & Corners

Traditional homes are recognized for butted cedar clapboard around windows, doors and corners. Thanks to NuCedar‘s Universal Trim it is now a ‘snap’ to recreate this rich look on your home.

Universal Trim has a built-in retainer and milled chalk line mark that make it easy to accommodate expansion and contraction of clapboard runs up to 40 feet.

Don’t forget your Starborn PRO PLUG® Fasteners.

Universal Corner 2                  Universal Trim 2    

Snap-In Inserts (optional)

Perhaps the most unique feature is that it accepts NuCedar’s proprietary Snap-In Inserts™ which, once installed, gives the look of butted cedar.

The inserts are for your design preference only. They are not required.

snap in    DSC1995 

Header Trim

Header Trim

Our Header Trim piece allows for a drainage system for above doors and windows. The ‘J’ in the Header Trim allows the Clapboard to be easily installed.

Header Trim

Starter Strip

Starter Strip

The Starter Strip is a 10ft Aluminum Strip that allows the first course of your NuCedar Clapboard to be easily attached.

Starter Strip1

Included Accessories

Accessories (included)


Our unique Clapboard is installed on a Clip System. The Z-Clips are fastened to the wall, allowing the Clapboard to float on the wall. NuCedar will provide you with enough 22” Z-Clips™ to complete your job.

Z Clip

Methacrylate Adhesive Kits

In order to get those joints aligned perfectly, we provide you with Methacrylate Adhesive Kits to bond the Clapboard together using a bonding plate method. This will allow your Clapboard to expand and contract on the ends, rather than in the middle.

Bonding Plat    Meth kit      

Touch Up Paint

We understand that milling needs to be done in the field. Therefore, 4oz touch up daubers, filled with the Siding paint used, are included with your purchase.

manor hall old ext

Optional Trim & Accessories

Optional Trim & Accessories

Many other trim and accessories may be needed for your Siding & Trim application. You can find those by going to our NuCedar Trim section.